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Offsite Backup - Setup Overview
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Service Overview
Setup Overview

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Offsite Backup Setup Overview

Three simple steps, to a scheduled online backup routine and greater data security.

Setup Overview

1) Create an account.

Create Account

Creating an account is a simple process that involves selecting the number of PCs that will be protected and the amount of storage space which each PC will require.

You can always increase the amount of storage for your account or add users with the on-line account administration system.

Create an account now.

2) Download and install application.

Download and Install

You will receive an email confirmation upon successfully creating an account. This email will include the UserID, Password and a link to download the application. Simply download and install the application.

3) Select files and schedule for routine backup.

Configure and Backup!

The Getting Started Wizard helps first time users configure the application and begin protecting data. This easy-to-use setup wizard helps users select files and create a backup schedule.

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