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Return On Investment

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ROI Analysis

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Return On Investment (ROI)

The advanced features of Remote Data Backups provide you with an excellent Return On Investment, as testimonials from hundreds of satisfied clients attest.

If our automated backup service can save you or your employees even 1-2 hours a month, it more than pays for itself even without having to save you from a catastrophic data loss.

Manual Backup Costs

On average, an in-house IT person will cost you about $20 - $30 per hour. Once you include benefits, workmen's compensation, unemployment, taxes, etc. they can cost you well over $30 per hour... much more than the cost of our automated 10 GB Server Backup. Even a minimum wage worker will cost you over $10 an hour and the average administrative person will cost $15 to $30 an hour. Just because they already work for you doesn't mean that they don't actually cost you money for every hour they spend on data backups, system restore or downtime.

The average outsourced IT person will cost you $45 to $145 per hour and it does not take too many hours to quickly exceed the costs of an entire year of Remote Data Backups service with just one issue. If your computer were to crash and you had to hire an onsite computer repair person to reinstall everything (let alone recover your data), how much do you think it would cost you? More than Remote Data Backups?

How Remote Data Backups saves you time and money

  1. NO hardware to purchase, such as tape, Zip, Jaz, CD-RW, or portable drive.
    Just the drives can cost more than many years of our offsite data backup service.
  2. NO expensive backup media to buy.
    You need a minimum of 5 backup tapes or disks for a Monday-Friday rotation, preferably 9 to accomodate a week 1-4 offsite rotation. Tapes cost $50-100 each, so you would spend $250-900 in backup media alone... more than a year of our automated offsite data backup solution.
  3. NO I.T. time to install & set up.
    Whether you employ in-house or outsourced IT person, it will cost you money to install your backup drives... correctly! We'll walk end-users through setup and show them how to use our advanced features.
  4. NO administration & recovery costs.
    You NEED to rotate your tapes, a manual process that takes at least 5 minutes a day, which equals 1 hour every 2 weeks, 25 hours a year. At $20 - $30 an hour, that's $500 - $700 a year spent just on tape rotation... more than several years of our automated backup service. Our recovery is with free, with 24/7 support if you need it.
  5. NO need to take your tapes offsite or pay for offsite storage.
    This tedious and time-consuming process rarely gets done regularly. And after all, don't you have better things to worry about when Remote Data Backups does it automatically? Also, you can stop paying extra for safety deposit or secure offsite storage, or storing them insecurely in your car, purse or nightstand.
  6. Minimize employee & system downtime.
    For every hour your employees are waiting on a system or application downtime equals money spent and opportunities lost. How much do you lose for each hour you cannot conduct business? Hundreds? Thousands?
  7. Increase employee productivity.
    Empower your employees to quickly and easily recover their own data, restore their own systems, and access their data remotely. No more waiting on an IT person to arrive and recover data.
  8. Most importantly, never suffer a data loss!
    Remote Data Backups is the most reliable data backup and recovery solution. Face it, data loss happens. Consider the consequences:
    • If you lost it all, how much would it cost you?
    • How much would it cost you to recover or recreate all your data?
    • How much would it cost you if you couldn't recreate it?
    • Could you recover?
    • Would it cost more than Remote Data Backups?
    • Won't it be nice knowing your data is safely stored at two mirrored data centers automatically every night with no human intervention?
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