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Service Overview
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Offsite Backup Service Overview

Offsite Backup service is an off-site data backup service. You simply install the backup client application on your computer, select the appropriate files and create a schedule. The backup client then securely transfers the data from the client PC to the Offsite Backup data backup server. As indicated below, the backup client application also allows the user to restore data directly from the Offsite Backup server to the client PC.

Service Overview


More information about the backup client application is available here.

The number of PCs and the amount of storage space can always be increased after the account is created with the account administration web site.

If desired, data can be accessed from a secure, 128-bit enabled web browser. This service allows clients to access their data from remote locations. This option can be enabled or disabled through the clients' account administration web site.

A Recovery CD or DVD can also be purchased and shipped to the client. This service allows clients to purchase copies of their backup on CD or DVD for recovery purposes or for an additional level of security.

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