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The Remote Backup Client Software

Offsite Backup runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, ME, Vista, 2000, 2003, & 7. It supports all networks that run with these operating systems and all networks where you can create an NT share to one of the above platforms.

Here is how the software works:

When you subscribe to the Offsite Backup service, you get our incredible backup software. The backup software is automated and keeps track of the date and time and type of the next backup, and "hides" on the System Tray without interfering with any other program.

remote online backup software

At a predetermined time, the Offsite Backup software "wakes up" and determines which files need backing up, and what kind of backup (out of three possibilities) is scheduled for that session. It then compresses those files into archives that can in many cases be only 5 to 15 percent of the original file sizes. These archives are then encrypted using an encryption key known only to you, the end user.

After backup files are compressed and encrypted, the software activates your modem (if you are using dial-up) or your internet connection. It contacts the nearest Offsite Backup Maximum Security Data Center and sends the compressed, encrypted files. The backup is verified for integrity before sending and while being sent, then again after it reaches the Server. This ensures that the copy of the backup that is on the Server exactly matches the copy that was sent from your computer.

After the backup is sent to the Server and is verified, the software returns to its idling state, once again "hiding" until the next backup time.


Restoring Data:

You can restore your data using an easy to understand user interface.

Simply pick the RESTORE option from the menu, tag the files you want to restore, and the system will automatically restores the files.

online backup software

You will see a list of all the files available for restoring from the Server. This file listing is sorted by Backup Set Name and Backup Date. The file listing usually contains several versions of the same files. This is part of the exclusive Version Control system built into the software. This system lets you restore any version of your files - not just the latest version.

You can select files and sets of files by tagging and untagging files individually or in groups. The File Finder feature of the software is extremely powerful. With a single selection you can select (as examples) the latest version of all files; only a particular subdirectory; a single drive letter or files whose names match a certain criteria. Files can be untagged the same way. So, you can come up with virtually any set of files you want to back up by using combinations of any or all tagging options.

When the files to be restored are all tagged, the software restores them. You have the option of putting files back where they came from, or placing them somewhere else.

Major Features:

Here are some of the software's major features.

  • Encryption - Offsite Backup supports these encryption standards and bit lengths. The multi-encryption feature makes the Offsite Backup System the most secure backup software available. Plug-in encryption modules are available for most countries.

  • Secure Key Generator You can enter your own Encryption Key, or you can use the software's Key Generator. The Key Generator creates "statistically perfect" encryption keys that are much more secure than human users can create.

  • Faster 'Streaming' Transfers - Up to four times faster than our previous software version, especially where many small files are being backed up.
  • Map network drives - This great feature allows you to backup files on your entire corporate network, not just the machine the software is installed on. If your Microsoft Windows computer can see all of the mapped network drives throughout your company, you can back them up!
  • Predefine Include/Exclude Files - You can predefine Backup Sets with files preselected for Include or Exclude, AutoSelect ON or OFF, and other Backup Set definitions. This incredibly powerful feature helps ensure you NEVER miss important files. For example, it can be set to backup all Word files, Excel files and so forth. Then, when employees create more of these files, the system will AUTOMATICALLY include them in the backup. You never need to go back into the software to select those files.
  • Bigger Backups - Unlimited file size and count. Offsite Backup Backup supports backing up hundreds of thousands of files per Backup Set, and file sizes in the terabytes. (one thousand gigabytes)
  • Disaster Recovery System - You should make sure your Encryption Keys and Passwords are safe. But, just in case you don't, Offsite Backup's Disaster Recovery System makes it easier to restore them from Key Disks that can be generated by the software on your own computer.
  • Scheduled Start Date - Allows scheduling a Backup Set to launch at a future date.
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