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Offsite Backup Services Highlights

  • Free 30 day trial of online backup software with no obligation
  • Data backup solutions & support for all versions of Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, & Vista)
  • Easy to use online backup software with Explorer-like user interface
  • Inexpensive data backup solutions- pricing as low as $9.95 per month of protected online data backup
  • Simple, fast configuration of your online backup service account
  • Safe and secure online backup services- online data is encrypted with a unique encryption key assigned to you and backed up at the online data center
  • Supports Locked files, SQL Server & Exchange Server
  • No capital cost - save hundreds or thousands of dollars on software, backup hardware and tapes with our online backup services
  • Scheduled automatic online data backup - no more swapping tapes
  • No ongoing management cost - no backup operator or network admin
  • Fast online file retrieval - just pick the files you need and they are restored to their original (or alternative) location
  • Self-healing option for full online data backup users - can be used to self-heal operating system problems
  • Data backup solutions with minimized bandwidth usage - delta block technology, file compression and send-once technology streamline transmissions
  • No more offsite storage of tapes
  • Anytime & Anywhere online data access - 99.9% uptime record
  • Popular - our online backup software has nearly 1,000,000 licenses, and over 400 large corporate customers
  • Customer service - e-mail or phone support is always quick and friendly
  • Choice of Credit Card, Paypal or invoice billings. No need to put your business expense on your personal credit card
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