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Offsite Backup - Secure Remote Data Backup
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Offsite Data Backup Service

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Offsite Backup is a home and business online data backup solution that provides reliable, secure and scheduled remote backup services for any number of PCs.

Whether you're a network administrator seeking a remote backup solution for your network and mobile users or a small business or home user wanting to protect valuable files and information, Offsite Backup is a secure, reliable, offsite, internet backup solution for you and your client.

Servers Workstations Laptops
Backup Server Data
Backup Workstation Data
Backup Laptop Data
Protect server and network drives. Create multiple schedules and restore multiple file versions. Backup PCs in the office or at home. Protect important documents, files and records. Schedule automated backup routines. Backup anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available. Safeguard mobile data against damage and theft.

Offsite Backup - Online Data Backup Service provides greater peace of mind to business managers and computer operators for less then a dollar a day. Whether you're a healthcare professional seeking HIPAA compliance or a financial professional seeking Sarbanes-Oxley compliance... Offsite Backup has you covered. 


A secure, automated, online backup solution is three simple steps away.

Why do I Need a Offsite Backup?

Statistically, 60 percent of business data sits unprotected on PCs and laptops. Computers are almost always taken for granted, especially when it concerns end users at the edge of the network or on stand-alone PCs.

If you are a small business without an IT department, you are even more at risk. Even the smallest amount of data loss can have disastrous effects. The startling fact is that data loss and file corruption increase downtime, repair costs and most importantly, loss of customer confidence. Loss of data costs businesses billions of dollars each year. And nearly 50 percent of small and medium-size businesses that are directly affected by a fire or natural disaster (thus losing data) have to shut their doors within five years. Yet with Offsite Backup remote backup, all of the key causes of data loss are mitigated.

The most common causes of data loss are due to:


Laptop loss / theft

Software failures

Natural disasters

File corruption

Power outages

Hard drive crashes

User errors

When you lose your data, you usually suffer one
or more of the following:

Loss of client information

Loss of customer confidence
Lost productivity and/or employee downtime Clogged help desk queues
Increased wear on staff and resources Decreased employee morale

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